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The Tauranga Diaries

The Bay of Plenty offers some of New Zealand’s moststunningsun, seaandbeaches.Tauranga isnestledalong the desirablecoastline.This is where you’llfindthe Mauao volcanoandMount Maunganui beach.Affectionately termed”the Mount” by locals, this seaside gemprovides water sports for the daring and free-spirited, as well as festivals for the adventurousanddelicious food forfoodies.

Here are the best inTauranga andaround Tauranga. Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui, an extinct volcano,is located justacrossTauranga’s harbour.Mauao (a Maori term for the volcano)is a reference to”caughtatdawn” in Maori.So it’s only fairtomake the mostofthe many benefits it offerson daybreak.It ispossible tohike on a variety oftrails and it takes aboutan hour toclimbthrough thepohutukawa forests.Although it’s a steep climb, once you reachthesummit you’ll be greetedwith360degviewsof the Bay of Plenty coastline and Taurangatown’scentre.Two of New Zealand’s moststunningbeaches, Mount Maunganui Beach, and Pilot Bay are located at the mountain’sapex. Thisgives youan incredible viewfromevery angle.Pack a breakfast picnic(coffeeis a must) andtake a lookin with a peacefulsunrise.

Get ready for an exciting adventure in thewaterpark

{}McLaren FallsTauranga’s Waimarino Activity Parkoffers adrenaline-fueled thrills.Just a 10 minutedrive from thecity centreof Tauranga, you’ll be able to gettoan array of funactivitiesspreadacrossthe Wairoa.There issomething for everyone, includingrock climbing wallsandslip’nslide.You should also checkout the Tarzan swing as well as the water trampoline,and the inflatable ‘blob’that will take you tothe lake.Waimarino alsohasevening glowworm Kayak toursinLake McLaren . It’s aspeacefulas itsounds .

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Awaterfall hikeisa must-doelement of anyKiwi summer.The firstisMcLaren Falls Park.The short hikewill take you through native forestsandglowworm caves.There are numeroustrails that traversethereserve’s 190-hectares.Be sure to takean hour or twoexploring.Next on the agendaistheKaiate Falls which are a30-minutedrivefromTauranga.Take the forest walkup tothesummit of the falls,andthen down alongsidethe cascadestillyouget tothepool. Take aswim in the dreamy lake.

Sailing a catamaranto thisisle that is unrestricted

Whakatane isa meredriveaway from the coastline.It is thestarting point toan unforgettabledayonthecatamaran.Set sailtowardsMoutohora Island,a wildlife reservelocated offthe Bay of Plenty coast.If you’re lucky enough,you’llseesome of the rarenativewildlife on shore likeKakariki, Tuatara, fur sealsandpenguins.Atrip to snorkelaround the island will givevisitors a glimpse ofthestunningmarine life.It is possible toend your day byrelaxing on the island’shot water beach,orjust loungingon thesideofyourboat.This isparadise!

The Dream Summer Festival

You aren’t reallyanKiwiifyour summers weren’tatBay Dreams.These guysare masters at puttingon ashow. TheJanuary 2019sold-out gigsawheadlinerCardi Bperformwithher hits, includingBodak Yellow, wowing anelectriccrowd.The New Year’sCelebrationin 2021featuredartists likeKatchafire, Peking Duk and LAB.Ifyou’re looking forhotsummerdays,a stellarlineup, glitter, jeansand campingBay Dreams is reason enough tomakeyourideal summer getaway.

These Stores Have Local Stores

Shopping in Tauranga Tauranga Shopping isaboutfindinghidden treasures andindependent stores.If youare a fan of Kiwi-made itemsand havean eye for design, you shouldstop bypaperplane, where thereis awide selectionoffashion and lifestyle products.Our Place isa placethat offersa rotatingselection of local pop-ups rangingfromfashion and arttojewellery.TheOur Place centre is constructedout of shipping containers,with the intention of offeringlow-cost retail spacesfor local entrepreneurs and artisans, so you’re suretofind unique gems.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Want to indulge in luxuryitems?Ifyou arelooking forthe ultimate in luxury, a bohemian-stylepicnicoverlookingMauaoMountainand the ocean is thewayto go.Bay Picnicsprovideseverything youneedto enjoy a memorableevening,from teepees tolargefluffy pillows.Additionally, they havefestoon lights and throws.With avarietyoflocal, veganand freshoptions for food Theywill also meetyour everyrequirement.Forromanticevents(readdream engagement) You can alsoadd flowers toyour picnic.

Take Partin the Markets

Markets on weekends are whatTauranga isknownfor.On thefirst and thirdSaturdayofevery monthlook out forthe Little Big Marketswhich feature a line-up ofeclectic artisans and mouth-watering eats.There will beall you require,from French crepes,rainbow-shaved iceand localgoodies.It’s impossible tomissthe Dinner In The Domain event,which is aregulargatheringfeaturing the most deliciousfoodtrucks in the area.Bubble waffles,giantpaella,and sweetdesserts are all onthe menu.We’reswooning over the tastysnacksthat are offeredby Hello Rosie.The actressis also aloverofvegan-friendly junk food.If youlike fresh fruit go tothefarmers’ markets on Saturdaystodiscoveramazing seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Moturiki Island, Walk

You read correctly, youcan walkthere.Thetiny350-meterislandis located nearMount Maunganui Beach and is connectedvia a walkwaybridge.You’ll findan island blowholethat releases water duringhigh tide.There are stunningviews of Mauao and the city’scoastline,and the oceanwhenyoufollow the hiking trackupwards.

UnwindinSalt Water Hot Pools

Ifunwinding and relaxingis your main goal,then atripto Mount Hot Pools isa must.The salt-water pool, which isset against Mount Maunganui’s backdrop,is well-known for itshealingproperties.It is a great way to feel refreshedafter arelaxing soak.You can alsoreservean exclusive pool to gettheluxurious massage you desire.

This Quaint Historic Village isa Must-See

Take a stepback in timeas youstroll the cobbled streets throughThe Historic Village.With hiddenplaces, charmingcafes, and a variety ofartists, it’s easy to wileaway the dayhere.There are alsoa numberofart studios that are small enoughtovisit,such asTurner Gallery and Imprint Gallery, so the art aficionadowill be well looked after.

Enjoy the Delicious Local Foods

Let’s be real, we’reobsessed withfood we eat.Tauranga’stastydrinks and bites will haveyoubegging formore.

Coffeeaficionadosought tomakeGround Zero Coffeea regular pit-stop.They’re the Bay ofPlenty’sfirstSpecialty Coffee microroastery and offericed coffee and flat whites.Ifyou wantsomething sweet,youmight considerYo and Co. The dessert bar offers waffles, as well as savoury and deliciouscrepes.

Nourished Eatery isa place for peoplewholovesweets.Thecafe is a plant-based one thatis a firm believer inlocal, freshproducts.Youmightopt fortheWellness Bowl filled with herby browns,tomato sprouts, smoky tofu, and sproutscoconut tzatzikiforbreakfast.Speciality sweet treats such asNutella, custard, anddouble chocolate browniesare availableatThe Nourishing Bakker.

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