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The Best VPN Services (2021)

It’s possible that you think ofaVPN (Virtual Private Network) assomething primarily neededoverseas, to bypassinternational censorship . It could also besomething that hackers would employtostay out of trouble.

However, there are manyreasons to invest inthe best best vpn provider, evenwithinNorth America, and evenwhen you’re as clean as awhistlein your surfing habits.In this review,we’re going todiscusswhattheVPNcan do, how yoube sure that it is secureand legal,andWhich of thetopVPNcompaniesrankhighest in certain categories.

10 Best VPNs by Category

The Top 5:

  1. Best vpn for netflix andstreaming (fastest)-NordVPN
  2. Best vpn for torrenting(nolog vpn , butP2P support)The best vpn for torrenting isCyberGhost
  3. Best for streaming netflix inChinaThe best VPN for streaming netflix in ChinaExpressVPN
  4. CheapestVPN to unblock netflix-SurfShark
  5. Great user interface andquickas well.TunnelBear

Runner ups:

  1. Top 100% free vpnwithout ads -HotSpotShield
  2. The most reliable browser that’sbuilt inFREEVPN(opera)Opera
  3. The best Android vpn -Zenmate
  4. Best Linux VPN (Piriod Internet Access)VPN for PrivateInternet Access
  5. High-speed swiss VPN – Proton VPN

1. NordVPN – Best VPN for Streaming

NordVPN isamongthe most popularVPNproviderswith more than 5,000 server locationsand reliable speeds in mostcountries. Based in Panama it offerspolicies that are friendly to expats, like nodata retention policies, likethat ofthe U.S.

The company alsooffersthreefeatures that are high-tech which include:Double VPN, which lets usersjump across multiple servers forextra security as wellas VPNcloaking technology; aKill Switch, which protects your privacyeven in the event that theVPN serverfails bycutting off all communication on the internet;and DNSleak blockage too is a feature that blocks any monitoringfrom yourbest vpnISP.

Thefriendly policies of the company andsteady,stable performance makethe company our top pick forthe VP-security.


  • Double VPN technology
  • Skill Switch Feature
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • More than 5000 servers acrosstheglobe
  • Reliable speeds
  • Accepted cryptocurrency
  • Based in Panama


  • Costly compared with the competition
  • Problems with torrenting

2. CyberGhost – Best VPN Provider by Total Servers

CyberGhost isamongthe mosttalked-about businesses inthe VPN market,especially becauseit’s highly recommended to get aroundrestrictions and unlocking apps such asNetflix, Disney+,and more. Withmore than7,000service providers, CyberGhost is a strongthird-placer, with many claimingits interfaceto beamongits most friendly to users.

CyberGhost’sconnection toparentcompanyKapecan be a problem for some customers However, the main issueisthat the companyhas a log ofonly a small amount of information.

But, with a massivenumber of servers , and with solidspeeds reported , it’s aclose second.


  • User friendly
  • The Split Tunnelling and the Double VPN
  • Offers 7 licenses
  • Over7,000 servers


  • Monthly plan that is slightly expensive
  • Access to only the topservers
  • The company is owned byKape who is notthe mostpopularcompany.
  • The companyis still loggingdevices

3. ExpressVPN – Most Diverse Geography of all VPN Services

ExpressVPN hasearned a lotofattention from users due tothe privacy guidelines it has.Based inthe British Virgin Islands, thecompany is able to exercise some discretion inkeeping records and intentionallynot storing user activity.

Itdoesn’t keepIP addresses, noreventheVPN IP address, northelengthof the session, or even atimestamp.The data it keepsjust trace backto a certain group ofusers that are located in a particularlocation.

The company alsohas fastspeeds,which is amongthe fastest aroundfor its variousservers. The VPNhas also reached over90 countries, surpassing evenourtop choice. Nord VPN.

Express is alsobest vpn provider 2022an extremely well-connectedapplication, offeringapplications for all the majoroperating systems andbrowser plug-insforthetopbrowsers.These plug-ins function as proxy servers and allow you to alterthe location ofthebrowser.In all, VPN Express lives upto its reputation of being speedy safe, secure, and user-friendly.


  • Excellentprivacy policies
  • Speedyspeeds
  • Easy to use apps for alldevices as well as browserconnections
  • Withmore than90 countries,a greater reachthanother competitors


  • Higher than the average price
  • Avery limitedquantity of connections concurrently

4. SurfShark – Cheapest VPN for Streaming

Surfshark isone ofthemost efficient options for speedytorrenting, P2P, andunblocking all themajor streaming sites aroundtheworld.The service is able to provideDNSleak prevention(whichis caused byrouting requestsviaanISP instead ofusing aVPN)as well asIPv6leak defense.

With a contract,you’ll benefit from multihop technology andsplit-tunneling options, meaning thatthe ability to join one serviceandleave the other.You can choose multiple routes, sothat no one is able tofindyour IP address whenentering or exiting.

The company, which is basedinthe British Virgin Islands, offersthe highest level of privacyover companies locatedor located inNorth America or even most of Europe.

A few users have reported issuesdisconnecting the kill switchand some users did not agree onthelevel of consistency in speed.It’s still a good choice.


  • This allows unblocking of streamingservices
  • It is able to handle torrents with ease.
  • No set number ofsimultaneous connections
  • Advancedmulti-hop tools and split-tunneling
  • IntheBritish Virgin Islands, whichhas a higher-than-average level ofprivacy
  • Lower prices than the majority


  • Kill Switchproblems
  • Not the fastestVPN

5. TunnelBear – Best Free VPN Service

TunnelBearoffers a uniqueconcept: the faces ofanimated cartoon bears that roar, readytosafeguard your privacy online.But don’t be turned offby thecutegag. AfreeVPN andthe low-costUnlimitedVPN plan,is impossibletooverlook.

TunnelBearalso offers a gooddeal on advanced security features that include aKillSwitch andan annual auditingprocedure byindependentfirms, which provesthe company’s transparency when dealingwithits customers.

The most troubling aspectis that the businessislocatedin Canada and even thoughit claims to not keepanydata, it ishowever subjectedto Canadianlaw , and can at timesbe required to share informationwithpolice. This isa disadvantage when comparedto a foreign-based business.

The McAfee-owned businessis well-knownin the business.


  • One of theinterfaces that is the easiesttolearn and utilize
  • Kill Switchfully operational, which is a guarantee of protectionevenif you lose theVPN network
  • No data logging policy
  • Annual auditing by independent parties
  • Free forup to 500MBdata


  • There aren’t many diversedestinations around the globe
  • Headquartersis located inCanada, which is concerning
  • Doesn’t it unblock certain streaming services?

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