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Ayurvedais more thanan alternative to healing, but ratheran art of guidingyou withan art to lead a lifethat promotesgeneral health and wellbeing of thebody. Itoutlines the rightlifestyle and diet that shouldbefollowed to prevent illnessesthat attackyour body. According to Ayurvedaeach human being isformed by 5 fundamentalelements i.evayu, aakashjala, agni and prthvi. There are3 doshas that regulate the body,namely vata, pittaandkapha.Each person is unique and has itsown unique balance of the Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Nashik doshas.

Panchakarma isthe elementof Ayurvedathat not only helps to eliminatewaste from your bodybut alsobooststhe immune systemand balancesthe doshas.Panchakarma is considered to be the best andmosteffectivehealing methodinAyurvedic Medicine.Itisrecommended to maintainmental and physical health.It is a tried and testedmethod of detoxification that is natural and effective inrestoring thehealth.

Panchakarma isanSanskrit wordthat means ‘fiveactions’. It ishighly individualized and tailoredto meet the individual’s needs,due tothebalance of doshas as well as age, digestivesystemand etc.In accordance with the requirementsof the patient, allora portionof the fivekarmas isperformed. Thetherapy removes excessdoshasand corrects the balanceofthe doshas as ittakes the toxins out ofthe bodyby utilizing thebody’schannels.

Thewhole process of panchakarmais comprised of
1.) Poorva karma- snehana and swedana
2.) Pradhan karma- itcomprises vamana, virechanbasti, nasya as well asRaktamokshan. ThefiveKarmasi.e panchakarma.
3) Paschatkarma- it includesthe post therapy diet


Thepurposeforsnehanaandswedana is tobring thedoshas in a vitiated state to an eliminationform. Itis utilizedas an independent therapyas well as apoorvakarmaof the shodhanChikitsa.


It is also referred toasoleation therapy.It is atreatments that are done prior tobeginning the Panchakarma therapy.As mentioned inCharaka Samhita there are mainly4 types of snehana dravyawhich are considered to be the best for snehan.

1) Ghee (ghrita)
2) Oil (taila)
3) Fat (vasa)
4.) BoneMarrow(majja)

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DadimadiGhrita, Tila Taila the bala tailaGhrita are just a few ofthemedicines that are usedinthe snehana.

Themethod is used to lubricate the entirebodythrough the application of medicated oil or gheeinternally and externally.When the medicated oil/ghee has beenadministered internally , it’s calledthe snehapanam. It’s anvital to perform this procedure in order to achieve Panchakarma.


1) Internal oleation
Itincludes consumption ofSnehana Dravya in a prescribedornon-medicated way. Itcouldbemixedwith other ayurvedicmedications or food items.The method lubricates thetissuesand other parts of thehuman body.

2) External oleation/massage/abhyanga
Italso includes head massage the body, massage,gargle , etc. with medicated oil.


It’s also known assteam therapy, also known astherapeutic sudation. It isthe second procedure performed beforePanchakarma.The therapy increasescirculation of blood and removesdirt and toxins that enter the pores of the skinout of the body.

It isthemost effective practices that hasbeeninto practice since longback. Itis used as apractice of shaman-chikitsa as wellin poorvakarma to prepare for shodhan Chikitsa. Itcan be administered toan individual part of thebody or the wholebody. Themethod used to administerswedanaisn’t always the same but can varyaccording to the needfor the individual.



It is amethod of controlling therapeuticvomiting. Vamana therapyis a remedy fordoshas called kapha.When the dosha crossesthe limit of a certain amount and getsmoved to other place and needs tobeexpelledfrom thebody. Kaphais foundin the chestarea andgetting rid of it viait’s oral routesisstraightforward.


Madana phala  Panchakarma Treatment in Nashik can be thebestvamak dravya. Other herbsto use includeNimba, Kutajayashtimadhu vacha, and nimba.

The therapeutic emesis comes in twokinds:

1.)Gastric emesisstimulates the gastric mucosa , andit then stimulates the vomiting center ofthe brain.
2.)Central emesis- itstimulates medulla of thebrain, and it then stimulates the vomiting centerin the brain.

Vomiting is regulated by theMedulla Oblongata, a brain regionandstarts with lots ofsalivation and nausea.


Thetreatment eliminates the aggravatedKapha dosha, increasesdigestion hence metabolism,restores normal health, enhancesthefunctioning of the senseorgans,boosts fertility,andreduces the rate of ageing.


Vamana therapywhen an aggravatedKapha dosha is causing diseaseorthe dominant kapha doshawith pitta dosha causesdiseases.The therapy has specificlimitations and contraindications.


Thetherapy is indicated indiarrhea, dysentery, feverthat is recent in origin cough, cold,asthma, tumour,urinary tractdisorders anorexia, skin disorders and respiratory disorders, as well as indigestiongoiter, fibroidand more.


Patientswho have kapha dosha that is belownormalshould not undergovammanatreatment.Women who are pregnant, with nosnehana karma, strong agni(digestive system), person who ishungry, in stress and children, elderly who is weak, weak, has an enlargedspleen, intestinal parasites,enlarged prostate and etcin these cases, vamana karmashould be avoided.


Virechan (purgation)is the second form of karmainpanchakarma. It isone of the most widelyemployed therapies, with particular emphasis onconditions caused by anPitta dosha imbalance. The pittadosha is eliminatedby force through the anal route.The doshas get eliminated withless strain and with less complications whenin comparison to vamana Karma. Itmay also be administeredinvata-pitta or pitta-kaphadoshaswhere pitta is dominant. Thetherapy requires following a particulareating regimens to attain thenormaldiet , and then completethetherapy.


Virechan drugs include milk, takra, gavakshi, vacha, punarnava, shala, panchmoola, saptala, haritaki, kashmarya, draksha, jyotishmati, vibhitaki, amalaki, abhaya etc.

Depending on the medicine used,virechan is of 2 types2 types
1.) Snigdha virechan- meaning ofthe word “snigdha” isoily. It ismentioned in the context of pitta.isassociated withvata dosha.
2) Rooksha virechan- itcan be identified when pitta has beenassociated with kapha dosha.


Virechanis often associated withgout, piles, constipation and jaundice. It can also be caused by liver disease ascites, splenomegalydysuria, pain or discomfort in the largein the intestine, diseases of the urogenitalsystem infemales and males as well as nasal bleeding.


Diarrhea, poor digestion and dysentery, ulcersin the rectum, emaciatedpersonafter excessiveOleation treatment, injuries etcarethe cases wherevirechanis not indicated.


Inearlier times,theurinarybladder (basti) wasutilized as anequipmentforthe enema.The name for thisprocess is basti karma.

Basti isone of the special treatmentsinayurvedic panchakarma.In this treatment, medicated gheeoil, decoction etcare administeredvia the rectalvaginal, and urinary route. Itimproves the immune system and increasesoverall health for an individual. Vatadosha is the cause ofmany diseasesand basti karmais a treatmentthat is most effective in calmingvata dosha.Hence it is describedas ‘ardhaChikitsa’ .


vstinaa diiyte itih vsti : | |

Theadministration of medicines withhugei or basti(urinary bladder) isknown as basti karma.

A single or a combination ofherbal decoctions, medicated oil-gheeetc, mamsa, ksheerarasa, rakta as well as othermedicines in the form ofliquids are utilized based onthestate of health of theperson.


Jeevaka, rishabhaka, jeevanti, guduchi, gokshura, bala, draksha, shatavari, shatpushpa, yashtimadhu, amalaki, brihati, dadima,pippali, vidanga, adraka, musta, nimbi, kutaja etc are used for basti karma.


1) Expels themorbid doshas.
2.) Pacifies thedoshas that are aggravated.
3) Acts as aphrodisiac forpeople suffering fromsemen depletion.
4.)Helps in gainingpounds and managingthe effects of obesity.
5)Reverses ageing and prematuregreying.
6)Gives the proper nutritionanddevelopmentwithin the structure.
7) Enhances immunity
8)Promotes quality of lifeandenhances life span.

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