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Do you want to sendhim crazy inbedandspice upyoursexuallifewith a littlesexual pleasure?You have your chance.This is one of the most popularsexual positions that we have seenmenare awestruck by.To make sure that their lady loveissatisfied and contentwith sex, menhave a tendency to spend the majority of theirtime on their beds.Now it is your turntoreciprocate the love.You can changethe roles andget your partnerto join the party.Since sex positions play ancrucial role in the lives of men, here are some of the most popularsexual positions that men adore.These aren’t theusual, boring missionary positions.Learnmore!

1.Top Woman

This is the. man loves it This position allows you totake the lead and be bossy. men love this position woman takes the leadanddominatesthesex scene.You will be enviousof the womanin control.Youcan adjustthe paceto suityourrequirements, whether it is sloworspeedy.Keephimin the dark.

2.The reversecowgirl position

best position for couples The reverse cowgirlpostureisyet another sex-related position thatmenlove.In thisposition it is the female onthe topand her backis towardstheman.Even though it doesn’t requireanyeye contact or touching the gentle stroking couldbe enough toget your manenthusiastic.You are still able tomake eye contact if youwould like, but you couldtake a lookat yourpartnerandspice it up.

3.The standing position

It is possible to perfect this techniqueafter afew tries.Standing is the position wherebothof youare sitting andthe manwalks infrom behind.It is possible tomake the mostof your kitchenspace andtry this position there.Simply bend forward and holdthe kitchen’s platform whenthe person enters your body.


Thisposition permitsplenty of body contact and it’s also veryclose.You’ll have to layside-by-side with the man.Your back willfacetheman and hewill hold you in his arms.You can also rotateyour backto facetheman sothathe is able to watchyou while you sex.

5.Lap Dance

What woman doesn’t enjoy sex atvarious places!You can takean old wooden chair andposition your maleonthe chair.Thisposition will makehis knees weakenregardless of whetheryour facethe other wayor not.You will love being abletolie on him and remaincompletely incontrol.Another benefit ofthisposition is that you are able towatch your manand kiss himall over.

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