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romantic sex No Further a Mystery

Over myprofessional careeras asex therapist I’vehad the opportunity to sitwithmen from all walks of lifeas they’ve discussedtheir sexualexperiences, sex lives,as well asfantasies.It’s true that I don’t understandthe experience ofbe aman and I’vebeen privileged to listentothe male perspective onsexualrelationships.Although everyman is different in his own way, therearea few common threads that run through them:

1.The body isthe firstsite where you’ll findyour sexual partner.

While women may feel compelledfor sex based on their thoughts, memory or thesense of connectionmenare seeking, sexual desire isan emotional desire.Massive quantitiesof testosteroneare found in men’sbodies.This causes them to seeksexualdesire.Erections pop up at the smallesttrigger in young males.If a man is an adult He reacts tosight of his partnerorspousenaked in the shower.It’s hard to estimatethe impact of his body’s chemistry onthe way his mind reacts tothe sexual.

2.Sex for men isto satisfy theirhunger.

sex for couples He’s hoping to be content.However,his urge forsexual intimacy is likethe desire for chocolates.Every sexual event holdstheexquisite possibilityof asweet treat that will surprise youperhaps creamy smoothor buttery rich. Maybeeven a bitraw and bittersweet or a silky sweet.He is fascinatedby theidea of anoccasion to be delightedand awed.The day can’t be completewithout dessert.However, the state ofthe relationship,likea fightwith his wife, cancause a loss ofappetite,

3.Sexual energy is a source ofan energy source.

Sexualityinfuses a man’sintimate relationships withexcitement and potential.The manisactiveandaggressivedriven to fulfilhis purpose in lifeandpursue his partner.Hebattles everyday monotony and is enticed by the promiseofsexual rewardsat night.

4.Sex is an exciting thing.

It’sthe best adventurethat you’ll ever have.Your body is a wonderfulpleasure machine that he’d lovetoexperience at full speed.Orgasm isusually reliableand why men loves romantic sex?  performing a variety of sexual activities that are performed in different positions, rhythms, and positions seemsto bea good waytoenhance his enjoyment.Everysexualimageorflirtationis a great hit formale brain.Even a slighthint of something or someonewho evokes sexual images makesthe brain’s neurons erupt with excitement.

5.Sex isthe way heshares love.

The moment when a partner isswitched on is typicallythemoment that men define asmostsexually satisfying.It’s a puzzle formen to be calledselfishdue to their desire forsexualintimacy.They are enthralled bythe expectationofa mutual, intimatesexualpleasure.Heoften thinks up and fantasizesabouthowtoimprove itfor her, begging fordetails on her sexual desires tobecome better at being a lover.

6.Sex is love.

Sexual releasecan make men feelas if they’re finally at home.After the world’s hurtsandchallenges, sex embodiestenderness and affection, as well asthe comfort and strength.Although some may accuse himof “onlywanting sex,” most men wantand feel a moreemotional connection to their partner than a merephysicalrelease.The act of love can createan emotionalaffectionto his loved oneandboosts the relationshipgenerosity, faith,andoptimism.The feeling of being loved by yourpartner could be themost reassuring part ofhisrelationship. romantic sex wanted by his partner.

Even though women wantthe emotional bondmore thanphysical Men often require tohave a sexual connectionfor them to feel secureenoughfor them to bevulnerable.The male sexual urgeoffers the chance to meetthe love of your life.

Stephen Young

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